Caravan Beyond Redemption

Caray, qué puedo decir de esta joya... pocos han logrado captar el sonido de este sumo trabajo de la forma que yo lo hago, aquí miro el disco más psicodélico de la banda, más stoner, con riffs más potentes y con mayor velocidad, una fuerza lírica traida de otro mundo, un surrealismo que ha sido básico en el desarrollo de la banda, he aquí un ejemplo...

...Magic lady of the Snake Cult stands, high on the Voodoo Mountain
Society does the Congo Dance, to the Serpent Queen's chanting
Baby - Feel the demons burning
Hypnotized Hostile World. To her presence is falling!

As far as away as Jupiter and way beyond its 13 Moons
Solar System of Lucifer in a ritual of Cosmic Doom
Baby - Papa Nebo is calling
Zombie rise to the voodoo cries. From your mortal tomb awaken...

Caravan Beyond Redemption (1998)


Kaleidoscope of Desire

Star Walker / Sky Designer, expand your telescopic mind
Neon Moon Your guider, across deserts of astral sand
Two laughing Planets where faces glow, let the darkness fall behind you
Chemical God awakens - Look into the Cosmic Eye

Starlight Walker - Step inside your mind transporter
Upon your Tongue, A magic ticket to Godlike power

On the storm become a rider - A purple sky, it yearns for you
Escape on wings of fire, from society melting below
Where the spirits and souls are lost, in the drudgery of rotation
Climbing the plastic ladder to a vision of security

Starlight Walker, A magic ticket reshaped your future
Your spirit flies across the sky in your mind transporter

Star Walker / Sky Designer - Keep searching for blue skies
On the storm you are a rider, before the medication dies

Kaleidoscope of desire - You search for eternal ecstasy
Reality Fantasizer - Keeper of the Cosmic Key
A trip you took into no return, The insanity lasts forever
Time on Earth expires, The hourglass runs out for you

Starlight Walker - Aborted Mission in Mind Transporter
Sky Odyssey, into oblivion lost forever

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